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IP cameras

The high demands of modern tasks created the need for a more complex construction of video monitoring system. Due to the flexibility in designing, network cameras allow solving the most extraordinary problems with which previous analogs could not cope.

Advantages: remote control, wireless data transmission, complex encryption system and anti-burglary system guarantee a perfect synthesis of technology and security.

Analog cameras

If you want a simplified, but the wear-resistant version of video monitoring system, analog cameras will be a great variant for the optimal achievement of the set goals. Nowadays, analog cameras have additional modules that make it similar to network analogs without a significant increase in the cost of equipment and installation.

Advantages: a stable signal of data transmission, cheapness, the simplicity of design.

As a rule, the video monitoring system is installed in the complex of security and fire systems, which guarantee a complete safety of your object.

Системы охранной сигнализации обеспечат отправку сигнала на пульт центрального наблюдения и мгновенное прибытие группы реагирования в случае проникновения на объект охраны посторонних личностей – злоумышленников.

Ваш объект можно оснастить всевозможными датчиками. На дверь устанавливается система магнитных контактов, которая реагирует на открытие двери. На окна – датчики разбития. Помещение оснащается датчиками движения. Стены – вибро-датчиками на тот случай если злоумышленники попытаются войти через стену, пробив в ней отверстие.

Полы оснащаются датчиками затопления — если Ваше помещение начнет затапливать на пульт центрального наблюдения будет отправлен сигнал о затоплении – это поможет принять оперативные решения для предотвращения полного затопления.

We use only proven and up-to-date equipment, which eliminates the possibility of occurrence of all kinds of problems related to the lack of quality and cheapness of the system.

IP video surveillance system:

IP cameras have a wide range of functions, high quality information transmitted, burglary software protection, high reliability (explosion-proof camera type) and the ability to integrate into other intelligent systems.

Analog video surveillance system:

Analog video surveillance systems have a great advantage over digital ones – low cost. According to other parameters, this type of video surveillance has an outdated functional, and the absence of any protection against hacking makes its use in objects of increased security impossible.

Our software and hardware protection for data acquisition and storage servers are actively counteracting the introduction of illicit agents. We guarantee competent designing, installation and adjustment of video surveillance systems to our protected object.

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Our technical department carries out round-the-clock service of the equipment both through remote channels, and on the visits of the specialist to the place.

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