Quickly and efficiently

Console monitoring of security systems is supervising of your property (apartment, private house, office or automobile) in real time using video monitoring system and fire alarm system.

The console monitoring system works the next way: leaving the house or office, you enter the personal code on the keyboard near the door to activate the alarm system. Then a signal comes to the console panel – you may be sure that your property is reliably protected.

In a case of the signal from appropriate security system, the rapid reaction group or firefighters or an ambulance (it depends on which console panel receives the alarm) arrive at the object in 3-5 minutes.

In addition, one of the advantages of console monitoring is its price, which is much lower than the physical protection of the object. After all, not everyone could pay for security guards at the object. Furthermore, each rapid reaction group consists minimum from 2 guards that already has a great protective power.

One of the most important features of the complex is a quick response – the alarm signal is transmitted to the security panel as quickly as possible – within 10 seconds. Monitoring is provided round-the-clock, and when the signal comes from the protected object, the nearest rapid reaction group arrives.

Monitoring is provided round-the-clock. When the security and fire alarm systems, installed on the protected facility, signal (due to the special sensors), the alert through the fire alarm control panel via communication channels comes to remote monitoring. This information is displayed on the operator’s monitor:

  • attack;
  • penetration;
  • gas leakage;
  • fire;
  • Water leakage, etc.

Depending on the type of alarm, the next groups arrive to the object: workers of a private security company, Housing and Public Utilities, Emergency Situations or other services. The operator notifies the owner of the situation.

Мониторинг осуществляется непрерывно в круглосуточном режиме. При срабатывании установленных на охраняемом объекте средств охранно-пожарной сигнализации (датчиков-извещателей) сигнал «тревога» через приёмно-контрольный прибор по имеющимся каналам связи поступает на пульт дистанционного наблюдения. На мониторе оператора появляется информация о типе тревоги:

  • нападение;
  • проникновение;
  • утечка газа;
  • возгорание;
  • протечка воды и т.д.

В зависимости от типа тревоги на объект выезжают сотрудники ЧОПа, работники ЖЭК, МЧС или других экстренных служб. Оператор оповещает владельца о сложившейся ситуации.

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